Country Specific Consular Tips

May 30, 2013 in Attorney Blog

consular tipsThere are some countries in which the consular interviewer is very interested in whether the fiancé visa petitioner and beneficiary have fulfilled certain cultural rituals.

For example in Cambodia the consulate is very interested in whether the petitioner and beneficiary have had a large engagement party in Cambodia with lots of family and friends in attendance. In Cambodia a large engagement party is customary and not having one can lead to denial of the fiancee visa on the grounds that the relationship is found to be not legitimate.

The beneficiary needs to bring ample photographic evidence of the engagement party to the interview. A lawyer who is not experienced in dealing with the American embassy in Cambodia will not be able ensure success for her clients.

Cambodia is just example of where a lawyer needs to have experience to ensure success. When evaluating lawyers you need to be sure to hire a lawyer with experience in dealing with fiancee’s from your fiancee’s country.