China K-1 Fiance Visa Guide

If you want to obtain a K-1 visa for your Chinese fiance you may have already learned that the process is long and complicated. It is difficult to handle the case yourself. You need an experienced and skilled fiance visa attorney to represent you.

We have been practicing K-1 visa law for 11 years. In that time we have successfully handled hundreds of China fiance visa cases. The secret to our success is that Weber Law Offices has an attorney, Zongyang Yu, on the ground in China who works with our clients and the embassy to ensure success.

Chinese fiancee visa law is really its own sub-specialty of general fiance visa law. The American Consulate in China has its own procedures which differ from procedures at other U.S. Consulates. A lawyer who is experienced in fiancee visa cases in countries other than China is not necessarily up to the task of handling a China K-1 case. You need a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with the practices and procedures in China. We specialize in China K-1 cases. We have made the investment in having a lawyer in China to help our clients.

We set our fees to be reasonable and affordable to our clients. Many lawyers charge upwards of $3500 for China fiance visa cases. Other lawyers charge less than $1000 for these cases. We question whether a lawyer charging less than $1000 has the expertise and time to ensure a successful outcome for your case. We charge $1600 (start to finish) for a China fiance visa case. That fee enables us to provide the best quality legal representation possible. Attorneys Deborah Weber and Zongyang Yu personally oversee each case to ensure success.

Beware of non lawyers who cannot lawfully represent you before the USCIS or Consulate and beware of inexperienced lawyers who do not have a physical presence in China. We have an 11 year record of success and an A+ rating with the BBB. Furthermore, we have been accredited by the BBB since 2004. Many of our competitors who are accredited by the BBB have only been accredited for a year or two.

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