Philippines K-1 Visas

You asked your Philippine fiance to marry you and she said “Yes”. Now what? You know you need to obtain a K-1 visa for her to enter the United States to marry you. You and your fiance have read about the K-1 process and you both know it is long and complicated. You have several options for your fiance visa. (1) You can handle the process yourself; (2) You can hire a fiance visa service; or (3) You can hire a licensed immigration attorney to represent you before the USCIS and Consulate in Manila.
The first choice is certainly the cheapest and we actually recommend it over hiring a fiance visa service. The problem with doing it yourself is that it is an involved and complicated process that requires experience in handling fiance visas. You may be successful in representing yourself but then again you may not be. This is too important a process to gamble with. The second choice can be reasonably cheap from a cash perspective but we believe it is the worst of the three choices. You are essentially placing your trust in a non-attorney to represent you in a legal proceeding. Please see my article about fiance visa services and processors.

The third choice is probably the most expensive from a cash perspective but is undoubtedly the best decision. Only a licensed immigration attorney can represent you before the USCIS and Consulate in Manila. An experienced K-1 attorney has the knowledge and skill to ensure a successful outcome to your K-1 visa case.

We really enjoy doing Philippine fiance visa cases because the women are so sincere and the couples are so in love. The Philippines and the United States have a long tradition of friendship dating back to the Spanish-American war through World War II and through today. We have heard from all our American clients who are engaged to women from The Philippines that the
people of The Philippines are so warm and friendly. We do more K-1 cases from The Philippines than any other country. We have been doing Philippine K-1 cases successfully for 11 years. We know the practices and procedures of the Consulate in Manila. We have employees on the ground in The Philippines to help your fiancee and answer her questions and concerns.

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