Fiance Visa Petition by an Incarcerated Petitioner

July 23, 2013 in Attorney Blog

I recently obtained a fiance visa for a couple in which the American citizen petitioner was incarcerated in a state prison. The fact that the American petitioner was in jail added a significant layer of complexity to the case. For example, the petitioner required permission from the prison to have his passport sized photos taken. Additionally, the prison social worker was very concerned that the American petitioner was somehow taking advantage of the foreign fiancee – it was like IMBRA on steroids. The social worker tried to question me, but of course I invoked attorney – client privilege and declined to answer her questions.

I was very persistent in advancing this case over the objections of the prison and ultimately the fiance visa was issued. I was delighted because I believed that this couple was very much in love. People call me up all the time and tell me that they have a tough case. I can assure them that most fiance visa cases are easy compared to the actually tough cases I have handled. We specialize in tough cases but we are delighted to work on easy cases too.