Fiancee Visa Legal Requirements

The USCIS and State Department require that both the petitioner and beneficiary fiancee must meet certain legal requirements to qualify for the issuance of the fiancee visa. The requirements are as follows:

    1. The petitioner must be a United States citizen. A permanent resident (green card holder) is ineligible to file a fiancee visa petition;
    2. The petitioner and beneficiary must be free to marry (widowed, divorced or never married);
    3. The petitioner and beneficiary must have met in person within the 2 years immediately preceding the date of filing the fiance visa petition;
    4. The petitioner and beneficiary must establish the that they have a genuine romantic relationship;
    5. The petitioner and beneficiary must establish the that they both intend get married within 90 days of the day the foreign fiancee enters the U.S.;
    6. The petitioner must have an income sufficient to satisfy the fiance visa affidavit of support requirements.

The legal requirements to obtain a fiance visa are not difficult to meet. The key to a successful case is to ensure that the petitioner and beneficiary amply document their relationship and that they each satisfy the fiance visa legal requirements.

For my information please see:
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