Fiancee Visa Case with a Large Age Difference

July 23, 2013 in Attorney Blog

Over my more than 11 years of practicing fiance visa law I have often been asked by clients and potential clients whether an age difference between the petitioner and beneficiary will prevent the issuance of the fiance visa. I can confidently state that while a substantial age difference can be a negative factor, it is possible to overcome that factor and obtain the visa even when the age difference is in excess of 40 years.

To overcome an age difference issue, it is important to emphasize other factors that the petitioner and beneficiary have in common such as language, religion, values, life outlook, future family plans, hobbies, etc. For example, it is possible that a 55 year old man wants to marry a 25 year old woman because they both want children together. Sometimes a couple can share a very strong religious faith. A large age difference can be overcome and the fiancee visa can be obtained.