The Importance of Presenting a Good Fiancee Visa Case

I just had a client successfully obtain her fiancee visa in Cairo. The American embassies in North Africa can be extremely skeptical of fiancee visa cases. I have embarked upon a new strategy to deal with suspicious or skeptical embassies. I have been practicing fiancé visa law for more than 12 years and  in that time I have dealt with American embassies all over the world.   Some embassies are very easy to work with and other embassies tend not to believe that fiancee visa relationships are legitimate. The American embassies in North Africa have recently become extremely suspicious of fiancé visa cases. The key to dealing with a skeptical American embassy is to build an extremely well documented fiancee visa case. It is very important to submit extensive and convincing evidence that the fiancé visa relationship is real and romantic. If possible it is best for the American citizen and foreign fiancee to meet more than once prior to filing and to visit during the processing of the case. Even the most skeptical embassy interviewer can be convinced by persuasive evidence of romance.   In the fiancee visa case mentioned above the American petitioner took my advice that he accompany his fiancee to her interview. The American petitioner was not allowed into the interview but I believe it made a significant impression on the interviewer that the petitioner was there in Cairo at that time.