The Difference Between a Visa Service and a Lawyer

May 30, 2013 in Attorney Blog

Visa ServiceA lawyer is a skilled professional who has devoted many years to obtaining their education and passing a state bar exam. A visa service is a random person who generally has no legal qualifications and limited experience.

Lawyers are regulated by the state and must conform to a high standard of competence, ethics and professionalism. The people who run visa services are not regulated by anyone and actually are not even permitted to represent clients in front of the USCIS. Visa services operate on the fringes of the law. Visa services are only allowed, under the law, to fill out forms. They are not allowed to give legal advice and as noted above they cannot deal with the USCIS on your behalf if there is a problem in your case.

If your choice is between hiring a visa service and doing the case yourself I highly recommend you do the case yourself. The best choice, however is to hire a skilled and experienced fiancee visa lawyer who can expertly represent you before the USCIS and the embassy in your fiancee’s country. Only an experienced immigration lawyer will be able to anticipate and solve problems that come up in your fiancee visa case.