The Presidential Election and Fiancee Visa Cases

May 30, 2013 in Attorney Blog

presidential electionsOnce again immigration law is in the news. Both parties want to overhaul the immigration laws and deal with the millions of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. Over the 11 years in which I have been practicing law I have seen several attempts to reform immigration law. Not one of these attempts has resulted in any significant changes.

Congress is divided and deadlocked and unable to address policy overhauls. I don’t believe that the immigration law will be changed. In any event the Congress is only really focusing on dealing with illegal immigrants. There is no discussion of changing the laws regarding fiancee visas. The procedures and wait times for obtaining a fiancee visa are not going to change.

As always I highly recommend that anyone with a foreign fiancee hire an experienced fiancee visa lawyer to represent them. I continue to receive calls from people who handled their fiancee visa case themselves and have been denied. It is more difficult to deal with a denied case then it is to deal with a case correctly from the start. Many consulates are tightening the rules and procedures for visa issuance.