The Virtue of Speed

July 15, 2013 in Attorney Blog

I recently had my website redesigned by an excellent web designer. The site looks good, but the thing I liked best about my designer is that he was really fast. Whenever I asked him to do something extra or make a change he did it by the next day. I have worked with other web companies and been the victim of their slowness. It is very frustrating to wait for a professional to get your work done.

As a fiancee visa attorney I try very hard to be fast at getting my clients’ cases prepared and submitted. I understand that every day of delay means an extra day until the fiancee visa is issued. I try to make sure there is not even one day of delay. The USCIS processes cases slowly and therefore it is important to get the case submitted as quickly as possible to get the approval process started.

It was interesting for me to see for myself how much I appreciated speed. Going forward, I will try to prepare my clients’ cases even faster.