The Fiance Visa Interview

The fiance visa interview at the American Consulate in your fiance’s country is the final step of the fiance visa process. The interview is also the most dreaded step. This is where your fiance will be interviewed by a consular officer who will determine whether to grant the visa. The purpose of the fiance visa interview is for the consular officer to try to determine the legitimacy of your relationship. The consular officer has discretion to determine whether the relationship is legitimate or not.

The consular officer assesses the following things:

Your fiance’s knowledge about you and your life
Your fiance’s knowledge regarding the evolution of your relationship
Your fiance’s demeanor (whether she seems honest and sincere)
Your fiance’s romantic interest in you.

The key to passing the fiance visa interview is preparation. The prepared fiance is not only able to answer the factual questions but she is also calm (good demeanor) because she is prepared. I consider it important to personally prepare all fiances for their interview. Below are some sample interview questions that all fiances need to be able to answer:

Questions About Her

1. Fiancee’s educational and employment background
2. Fiancee’s family background (brief questions about her parents, siblings, etc)
3. Fiancee’s different places of residence (questions such as: Where did you live from 1998-2001?, Why did you move from one city to another?, etc.)
4. What type of work do you do in your home country?
5. What type of work do you plan to do in America?
6. What religion are you?
7. What are your hobbies and interests?
8. Do you speak the same language as your fiancee? If you do not speak a common language, how do you plan to communicate?
Note: The fiance does not much preparation for these questions because they are about her..

Questions about the American Man

1. How old is he?
2. Has he been married before?3. Does he have children and if so what are their names and ages?
4. If he was previously married, when did he get divorced?
5. What are his parents names?
6. Are his parents alive and if so where do the live?
7. What does he do for a living? Or What is his job? Or What company does he work for?
8. How long has he been doing this job? (Not a very likely question, but possible)
9. Does he live in a house or apartment? (this question does get asked
sometimes and you need to know the answer)
10. What city does he live in? (Also asked sometimes) related question: Where do you plan to live in America? The consul might also ask for the American’s home address.
11. What is his middle name?
12. Why do you think he wants to marry you (stupid question, but sometimes asked. The answer is: because he loves me.)
13. Where did he attend college (sometimes asked – she should know the answer)
14. Does your fiancee want children?
15. What is his religion?
16. What are his hobbies and interests?

Questions about the Relationship

1. How did you meet?
2. When did you meet?
3. Where did you meet?
4. When did you meet in person? Describe your meeting.
5. Why are marrying this man? (Best answer: because I love him and want to spend my life with him.)
6. Why do you want to go to America (answer: because this is where the man I love lives)
7. What are you plans once you go to America? (Best answer: I intend to marry my fiance.)
8. Do you want children?
9. If there is disagreement between you and you fiancee regarding children, how do you feel about the disagreement?
10. What activities do like to do together?
11. If your religion is not the same, is there conflict? How are you going to resolve the religious conflict?
12. How long have you known your fiance?

I make sure all my clients walk into the fiance visa interview calm and confident. Indeed many of my clients have told me that my work to prepare them for the interview was the key factor in the consular officer approving their visa. A huge percentage of cases end with an unsuccessful interview and a visa denial. Do not let this happen to you. I recommend hiring an experienced immigration attorney to handle your case. Neither an immigration form preparation service nor an inexperienced lawyer can provide legal representation comparable to the representation provided by an experienced immigration attorney.

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