When You Really Need a Lawyer

May 30, 2013 in Attorney Blog

When you need a lawyerI got a call this past Friday from a potential client with a truly distressing case. He had filed the case himself and been denied. Worse yet the embassy was alleging that his fiancee had lied about her date of birth and/or identity. The embassy was requesting that the USCIS decide whether the foreign fiancee was permanently excludable from the U.S.

I felt bad for this potential client because I believed that if I had represented him from the start the fiancee visa would have been approved. The problem in his case seems to have occurred due to a misunderstanding regarding his fiancee’s birth certificate. A good immigration lawyer would have been able to explain the situation in a manner that satisfied the embassy. I and other experienced immigration lawyers know how to resolve problems at the consular level. The consular processing stage of the fiancee visa is actually trickier than the USCIS petition.